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About Us

WHAT WE DO: We teach, hold workshops, perform, compose and arrange music for various occasions and concerts across the country.

OUR WORK: We collaborate and liaise with individuals and organisations to put on concerts, arrange projects and hold events.

WHERE TO FIND US: Anywhere! We love to travel, exploring new places and meeting new audiences


CONTACT US: Whether you would like to commission us for a new work or arrangement or are simply interested in hearing us play we would love to hear from you.


The Avazad Fusion Duo is a Manchester-based music ensemble that integrates different folk traditions in to the classical contemporary scene. With new arrangements for flute and santoor, the duo explores different ways to interpret classical and traditional repertoire under the constantly evolving influence of the current times. Having recently launched an online forum, the duo supports emerging composers to reach new audiences, and facilitates interaction with other musicians and professionals in the music industry. The duo has collaborated with a wide range of composers, performers and artists and is experienced in classical/experimental improvisation, also performing new works commissioned or created by themselves.

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Eliorah Goodman

Eliorah Goodman is a flautist and composer. Though a classically trained musician, she was brought up in a modern orthodox community and largely draws inspiration from cantorial chant and secular Jewish tunes in her compositions and improvisations.

Her fascination with Jewish modes led her to explore the influence of Arabic music, and she has spent some years performing with musicians and refugees from the Palestinian diaspora.


Having lived most of her life in London, Eliorah moved to Manchester in 2014, where she completed her undergraduate studies in Music and moved on to a masters in composition. Enchanted by Manchester’s thriving music scene and inspired by the many talented composers, performers and musicians she met, she soon decided she never wanted to leave.

As an active composer as well as performer, her works have been performed at the Cosmo Rodewald Concet Hall, Whitworth Art Gallery and the People's History Museum. She has worked closely with  Quatuor Danel, Trio Atem and the Vonnegut Collective and enjoys collaborating with different artists and musicians on the initiation of new projects and events. 

Atefeh Einali

As graduate of the Art University of Tehran, Einali went on to complete a Masters in Composition at the University of Manchester. She is also an active Santoor player and has had her works performed in the UK, Netherlands and Iran.


She has worked closely with Jae-Won in Zutphen the Netherlands, Alternance Ensemble in France, Trio Atem, Quartor Danels, the Eskandari quartet and Psappha. She has also worked as co-composer in “Circle messages” album with Dr Melanie Chilianis from Melbourne, where she investigated the merging of Eastern and Western intervals.


In 2018 she won an award in the SIMF competition in France, an event organised by ACIMIC; 'The Association of Iranian Contemporary Music Composers'

In 2019 her composition Voice was published in the 23rd volume of 'Women and music: A Journal of Gender and Culture (WAM Journal), the USA. 

Her research interests include the musical possibilities of combining traditional Persian musical practices with Western contemporary musical practices considering musical parameters such as pitch, rhythm and timbre.

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