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The Avazad Music Creche

 'Experience, the intellectualise' 


What we do

We believe it is important to invest in the long-term benefits of a creatively stimulating, and playful musical environment, and endeavour to give every child the attention and guidance they need to unleash their creative potential and cultivate their own unique art of expression. During these formative years, musical activity serves as a natural learning process, creating an intuitive platform for exploration and experimentation. Whether in the playground or at home, musical development promotes fluency in communication, independence and self-confidence. The Avazad Duo is invested in bringing out these qualities; both in the music performed, and in the workshops offered.  

How it helps

Musical activity has been proven to increase creative development, independence, whilst creating a fun relaxing environment for children to play and socialise. Learning to play instruments improves motor skills, brain power and memory, fostering imaginative thinking processes, and the ability to express oneself with confidence. It also trains the learner to develop patience and discipline, providing skills that are transferable in every area of life.


Are you a primary school or institution that offers excellent

after-school enrichment activities? 

Would you go the extra mile to explore the possibilities of creative growth and development? 

We offer a progressive music program, specially designed

to cultivate outstanding musicianship from

a young age.

The program we offer is

particularly suitable for families with small children, providing an essential precedent for musical training and fostering creativity, patience and passion before specialisation in a particular

field or instrument.

Arranging a birthday party

or event for children

and are looking for fun and stimulating activities?

We offer an experience that is both engaging and rewarding.

Everyone has the chance

to explore and discover their own musical gifts in a non-judgmental, playful setting.


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