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Music & Colour workshops

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Free for all: donations welcome!


Season 1: January-April


Season 2:  April - August

Soft pastels

Season 3: September-November


The Avazad Music & Colour Workshops offer the unique opportunity to experience art through live music.

With a range of tutorials that demonstrate effects achieved using art materials, the sessions provide participants the practical and creative tools that empower them to express themselves and their experience of the music.

No experience required- all materials available for purchase.


A package deal is available that allows participants to order materials straight to their doorstep, the cost of which is included in the ticket. After the booking has been processed a confirmation email will be sent including the zoom link required to attend the online event.

Please note, these tickets are available up to 1 week before the event so as to ensure that deliveries arrive on time.



launching the composers' forum

Previously at Avazad

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