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The Avazad Music Creche

 'Experience, the intellectualise' 




At Avazad, we believe in taking music out of the elitist and esoteric environment of the bourgeoisie, making new music accessible to the greater public. By running an monthly showcase of new musical compositions, we aspire to build a community of musical enthusiasts who value and appreciate the importance of creative activity in our every-day lives. This is why we have created a composers forum that is entirely open to the public and free of charge. 

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Composer Showcase

How it will work

On the first Sunday of every month, we are host a zoom meeting for composers to introduce themselves and have their works streamed. An informal discussion will follow, based on a range of topics related to the music presented, giving the audience the chance to engage in conversation and interact with the composers in ways that are not always possible. The forum supports emerging composers to reach a greater audience and gives music lovers the fascinating insight in to what goes on behind the scenes - in the conception and realisation of a piece of music.

Book now

To get involved in the forum, just send us a recording of your work, along with a score and brief explanation of what it means to you and we will do our best to fit it alongside other works we receive in the programs we run throughout the year. Please view our calendar and let us know if there are any dates you are unavailable and we will coordinate a time that is best for you.

Send us your work

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Launching the forum


Alongside the composer forum, a series of performance workshops are held, featuring a range of musicians that specialise in improvisation or traditional/folk music.


The workshops will explore a huge range of musical practices and the different sources of inspiration that characterise our music .

An online meeting is held on the third Sunday of every month. Access to the event is available via our facebook page!

Please message for details.



For composers, performers and music lovers, this is a great opportunity to expose yourself to a wide range of musical traditions, and learn from the perspective of different musicians.

As composers we can often get stuck in our thoughts, becoming obsessively controlling over the outcome of our work and forgetting to follow the instincts that brings the music to life! Having the additional perspective of those that create new music on the basis of intuitive judgements alone is something that all composers can learn from. 

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Looking for an opportunity to compose for a fixed ensemble, enjoy a dynamic collaborative experience, and want to build skills in composition for a combination of Western and non-Western instruments?

We enjoy working with professionals from all creative sectors. We provide opportunities for collaboration in a range of projects whether for functional to experimental purposes. 


An opportunity to engage with the duo on another level. As composers and performers the Avazad Duo provide guidance and insight in to the practicalities of writing for a fusion ensemble. Participants get to try out new ideas, and learn about the technical restrictions of the instruments and the way in which they interact with eachother.  

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