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New Compositions

Graphic improvisations

'I love the paintings of Kandinsky, but I never knew where to direct my gaze so I tried to rearrange the elements to make a more linear interpretation possible. The process has helped me to understand the art works better and find a way to give them a musical shape.' Eliorah Goodman, oil pastels, 2020

'I was just wandering what it would be like if I suddenly dropped all my paints. What would that look like?' Atefeh Einali, coloured pensil, 2020

Collaborative Projects

'The recordings sent to me were of significance to each individual. Keeping them in their raw form I immersed myself in the audio fragments of different people's lives during lockdown and searched for ways to connect them together. It felt like weaving the confusion of my own scattered thoughts in to a single piece of unity and clarity. In this project I hope to counter the sensation of isolation and loneliness by spreading a sense of unity through the music I created.' (Eliorah Goodman)

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