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Avazad music lessons

After just two years of playing the santoor, I started working as music teaching assistant. I was just a teenager at the time, and it was difficult to assert authority as the pupils didn’t take me seriously. My music teacher had asked me to teach his students, who were struggling to learn certain concepts in music such as rhythm and musical literacy. Since I was not a great deal older than my pupils I could convey empathy as a teacher as well as a friend, placing myself in their shoes to provide support and encouragement. I continued teaching during university and after graduation. With 15 years of teaching experience I have found working with children fascinating. Each child is unique and this makes the music sessions really lively and interesting. Because every child requires a different teaching approach, the range of learning processes is diverse and exciting. Every case is a new challenge which makes my work so engaging. Here is one of my music classes with of my santoor students, learning the notes of the instrument.

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