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The Avazad Music Creche

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

After many weeks of research and preparation, we launched the very first session of our new scheme, the ‘Avazad Music Creche’. With the composer Carl Orff as a source of inspiration, we designed a program to expose children to a variety of musical phenomena within a non-judgmental, playful environment. Putting these principles in to practice for the first time, the room was equipped with a range of colourful xylophones, glockenspiels, shakers and plenty of space. As the place began to throb with the sound of newly invented rhythms and the exploration of different timbral combinations, the dynamic was one of liveliness and excitement. Our goal: to initiate a process of discovery – one that feeds off the natural childish curiosity that brings music and play to life.

Leah (aged 5): "I didn’t like it. I loved it! I learnt how to make music and clap to the song, David Melech"

Our session focused on the Jewish folk song ‘David Melech Yisrael’ adding spiritual value to the music we create. Since the expression of one’s identity is a fundamental principle required of any musician, we start with easy tunes that play a role in our every-day experience of Judaism, the text infusing our musical activities with an extra sense of meaning and purpose and providing the stepping stones for profound creative and spiritual development.

The group learnt to engage with each other in a complex way. The entire class was involved, allowing for everyone to participate and contribute to the session. Our all-inclusive workshop rotates a variety of instruments and roles across the group, giving every individual the opportunity to explore a new facet of musicality.

Chaya (aged 9): "I liked how Eliorah included everyone and made sure we all had a turn and we were all happy. I learn so many interesting things about music and rhythm, and when you learn a new instrument, it makes you proud."

Fostering creativity lies at the core of our musical program. It is particularly suitable for children since it serves as an essential precedent for musical training, cultivating a patient and passionate attitude towards music without prematurely specialising in a particular field or instrument. At the Avazad Music Creche we empower every individual to find their own voice, whether that be in performance or composition, providing the basic tools needed for creative musical expression, and laying the stepping stones for a prosperous future as a musical artist.

Miri (aged 6): I liked the xylophone the best. I learn how to clap to [the ryhtms of] blue, orange, multi-coloured.

The method we use provides a guide to the sensitive learning process of young children and the benefits of engaging body and mind in an active, participatory learning process. With particular emphasis on the importance of rhythm and movement, our workshop was designed to teach children the fundamental ground-work for musical improvisation and composition. The session was carefully paced, allowing children to develop independently from one another, whilst also contributing to the collective learning environment.

Mendy (aged 8): “I really liked it because it was relaxing. I learnt to make the sound of rain.”

Why we started the Avazad Music Creche:

Musical activity has been proven to increase creative development, independence, whilst providing a fun relaxing environment for children to play and socialise. We aspire to teach children that musical activity a way of life, rather than a tiresome chore you get lumbered with once you’re big enough for your arms to reach the keyboard! Playing instruments also has many other benefits, improving motor skills, brain power and memory. Musicians develop imaginative thinking processes, and the ability to express themselves with confidence, providing skills that are transferable in every area of life.

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